• A doctor with proven results

    Dr. Elliott Alpher has dedicated his life’s work to three different specialty areas: temporomandibular disorders (TMD/TMJ) or conditions that affect the jaw and chewing muscles, snoring and sleep apnea. All of these jaw pain and sleep disorders can be interrelated and one can lead to another. His development and use of conservative, non-surgical techniques to treat TMD, TMJ, and sleep disorders has revered Dr. Alpher among his more than 10,000 patients.

  • Specialized care every step of the way

    Jaw pain and sleep disorder patients who come to us are very distraught about their problems, and we understand what they’re going through. The first thing we do is listen to our patients’ concerns. Then we treat the root cause of their pain or discomfort with great individual care, even after they are pain free. – Dr. Elliott Alpher

  • Thousands of patients have rediscovered normal lives

    Chronic jaw pain can make every minute difficult. Snoring can add stress to any relationship. Sleep apnea can not only affect daily life, but can be life threatening. The conditions treated at The Alpher Center are serious, frustrating and life-altering. The fact that we can provide total sleep disorder and jaw pain relief without surgery makes our patients very, very happy.

97% Success Rate Helping More Than 10,000 Patients

Sleep disorders and jaw pain can be mysterious, frustrating and difficult to endure. The Alpher Center can help you get your life back. Dr. Elliott Alpher, director, is not only a sleep disorder, TMD and TMJ specialist; he is a pioneer and leader in relieving the pain and discomfort associated with your sleep disorder, TMJ, or TMD. Come to us with the confidence that we understand your jaw pain and sleep disorder symptoms, we can diagnose your problem, and we can treat it successfully and non-invasively.
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Face & Jaw Pain: TMJ and TMD

“He’s the Best!”

“I’ve only been seeing Dr. Alpher for four months, but I am cured of my TMJ disorder. He took his time and explained everything. He recommended an oral appliance and other therapies. He’s the best! He gave me my life back!” – Brian R.

Sleep Disorders: Sleep Apnea and Snoring

“He gave me Peace of Mind”

“I bought into the whole program for snoring and sleep apnea because of the way he diagnosed and explained everything. I was impressed at how thorough he was. He works very hard to determine your condition and gave me peace of mind.” – Ed G.
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Latest News Release

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