Did you know that treating sleep disorders and can help prevent a host of more serious, life-threating illnesses such as depression, high blood pressure and heart attacks? Dr. Elliott Alpher works with organizations to help them understand the links between a good night’s sleep, improved health and a better quality of life.

One of the pioneers of non-surgical methods to treat sleep disorders and craniofacial pain, Dr. Alpher offers custom-designed consultations to help corporations and organizations improve the health of their employees, which can lower health care costs and improve productivity. His clients include:

•    U.S. Department of State
•    Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration
•    International Monetary Fund, Medical Division
•    Federal Reserve Board
•    George Washington Sleep Disorders Center
•    Cytox Biotech Corporation
•    Union Labor Life Insurance Company
•    District of Columbia Sleep Society
•    Fibromyalgia Association of the Greater Washington Area

Dr. Alpher works with the following organizations: