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Sleep disorders are expensive for corporations. Lack of sleep, fatigue and the illnesses associated with obstructive sleep disorders cost businesses more than $400 billion each year. 1.2 million work days are lost. 76% of employees report feeling tired at work and another 15% say they’ve fallen asleep on the job.
In addition, the modern work schedule is virtual, with people traveling, shifting between time zones, working from home or the local coffee shop at all hours. This affects sleep, which is critical to long-term good health.
One of the pioneers of non-surgical methods to treat sleep disorders and craniofacial pain, Dr. Alpher offers custom-designed consultations to help corporations and organizations improve the health of their employees, which can lower health care costs and improve productivity.


  • International Monetary Fund, Medical Division
  • Federal Reserve Board
  • George Washington Sleep Disorders Center
  • Cytox Biotech Corporation
  • Union Labor Life Insurance Company
  • District of Columbia Sleep Society
  • Fibromyalgia Association of the Greater Washington Area

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