The Alpher Center Marks 25 Years Exclusively Treating Sleep Disorders and Jaw Pain with a Better Alternative


June 18, 2013

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Washington, D. C. — Dr. Elliott Alpher, one of the District’s most experienced specialists for sleep and jaw disorders, on staff at George Washington University Hospital and Georgetown University Hospital, has been known as a leader in the treatment of sleep disorders and jaw pain for 25 years. Dr. Alpher has pioneered a conservative, non-invasive approach utilizing computerized and verifiable diagnostic methods to treat TMJ, snoring and sleep apnea. This method of treatment has proven to be greatly successful and is highly regarded as the first method of choice by physicians and patients.

“Elliott Alpher is the world’s foremost TMD/sleep doctor as a dentist,” comments Dr. Richard Klein, of the Michigan Head & Neck Institute. “He recognized the need for dentists to get involved in sleep disorders 25 years ago. He realized you could not treat sleep disorders without first understanding TMD/craniofacial pain and joined The Academy for Craniofacial Pain. General dentists don’t know enough on their own and can sometimes aggravate the situation.”

“Patients with sleep apnea don’t want to wear a big cumbersome sleep mask (CPAP) and oral appliances are a superior alternative,” states Dr. Alpher. The same goes for snoring. And what patients and many doctors don’t realize is the relationship between sleep disorders, the jaw, jaw pain and even migraine headaches. So often, we treat all three with an oral appliance. It’s fascinating to see how quickly a patient can get back to a normal life back when their jaw is in the correct position!”

Over the past two decades, Dr. Alpher has worked diligently to generate public awareness of the various aspects of craniofacial pain disorders. He has lectured throughout the United States, as well as Europe and South America, and has authored, co-authored and published many studies on TMD and sleep disorders.

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