Understand your options.

The Alpher Centers encourages you to pursue insurance reimbursements on your own. We will provide all necessary documentation, forms, instructions and tips necessary to aid you in insurance benefits that you may be entitled to.

We do not accept any form of payment from health insurance companies, including Medicare. We will, however, assist you with any insurance questions you may have. We are also a Care Credit participant so you may choose a financing option.

While some major medical carriers will cover a part of your therapy, insurance policies vary in their provisions and exclusions. Obtaining insurance reimbursement for treatment is often complicated and we strongly advise you to read your insurance policy or benefits booklet to become familiar with your policy’s limitations prior to making an appointment with us.

If your health insurance requires pre-authorization, you are responsible for obtaining this prior to your first appointment.

Our office will provide you with the necessary medical insurance claim forms to file with your insurance carrier; however, it will be your personal responsibility to pursue reimbursement from them.

Once charged for services rendered, you will receive an itemized statement of services with diagnostic and procedure codes required by insurance companies. Our relationship is with you, our patient, and not with your insurance carrier. The Alpher Center does not determine and cannot accept responsibility for the reimbursement amount from your insurance carrier.

We strongly advise that you continually follow up on your claim with your insurance company to ensure it is not forgotten. If you do not follow up, you may not be contacted by your insurance company for weeks should a problem or question arise. This could greatly delay the processing of your claim.

Based on our experience, the following steps may help get your claim processed within an eight-week period with few problems:

Step 1

Copy all of your documents. Call your insurance company within two weeks after services are rendered. You will need to check to see if they have received your claim and if it is being processed. If they have not received the claim, check your records as to when you sent it and check back in one week.

Step 2

If you have not received payment after five weeks, call to find out the status of your claim. If they need additional information, check with our business office on the status of that request. Oftentimes, we have not received such a request. You may need to call them back and ask that the request be mailed or faxed to us.

Step 3

Make copies of all claims and correspondence sent.

Step 4

Send all documents certified mail, receipt requested.