November 2015 Newsletter




News at The Alpher Center

Dr. Alpher's article in November's Sleep Review Magazine

"Many are unaware of the complexity and significance of how the temporomandibular joint (TMJ), cervical spine, and the autonomic nervous system are interrelated. The TMJ moves about 2,000 times in 24 hours (estimated to be the body’s most active joint). The major function of the spine is to support the head. The autonomic nervous system is responsible the body’s automatic functions, for example, breathing, heart rate, blood flow, digestion, etc."  Read more

Happy Thanksgiving from The Alpher Center!

"The real reason Thanksgiving Dinner makes you sleepy...It's not  just the turkey"

The Alpher Center is happy to welcome our newest team member: Susan

With many years in patient care and dentistry, Susan takes great pride in providing excellent service and looks forward to serving you.

Use or lose your flexible spending account

For many people, if you don't use the money by the end of your benefits year, which for most people is Dec. 31, you'll lose it.

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