Patient Process

Are you considering booking an appointment with The Alpher Center? Here’s an overview of our typical patient process.

Step 1

Schedule an Initial Visit.

If you are or believe you may be suffering from jaw pain or a sleep disorder call our office to book an initial appointment.

Phone: 1-(202) 223-4564

Step 2

Complete the New Patient Kit.

Once your consultation has been scheduled, fill out all applicable forms in your New Patient Kit before you come in. Be sure to bring your completed forms, driver’s license and medical insurance card with you to your visit to ensure a smooth process.

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Step 3

Office Initial Appointment.

Your initial appointment is a comprehensive fact-finding session to determine the specific circumstances from which your pain stems. Sleep disorders and jaw pain can result from many factors in your life, and we want to get to know the whole you, so we can craft a complete and thorough therapy regimen for you.

In addition to a taking a patient history and performing a clinical examination, your initial consultation may include:

  • Palpitation of facial and muscles
  • Doplar ultrasound (listening to the jaw sounds)
  • Posture Analysis

Once we determine the root of what is causing your pain, we will develop a comprehensive treatment plan to meet your unique needs.


Step 4


All necessary diagnostics will be performed.

Step 5


A complete analysis will be performed on all diagnostic findings. A comprehensive treatment plan will be designed to address all your specific symptoms.

Step 6

Follow your treatment plan.

Your treatment time can range from just a few sessions to many, depending on your specific problems and how you respond to treatment. During treatment, we do our very best to ensure your symptoms do not return once your treatment is complete. There are 4 types of stress factors influenced by your lifestyle that you can control:

  • Dental Stress
  • Structural Stress
  • Nutritional Stress
  • External Stress

If symptoms reoccur, we will be happy to provide further treatment. Additional fees will be incurred for the services we provide.

Step 7

Post-treatment follow-ups.

In most cases, we will want to see you periodically after the completion of your treatment, especially if you recently received a correction to your bite. We will usually see you after 6 months and then once a year thereafter. You should also see your family dentist on a regular basis.