Patient Guidelines

Get to know The Alpher Center. Our guidelines page provides you with clear descriptions of our policies relating to treatment, office policies, payments, tardiness and referrals. Please contact our office if you have any further questions.

Telephone Calls

During regular business hours, our office staff handle all appointment changes and take messages for Dr. Alpher. Please let them know if Dr. Alpher has requested that you call to report on your condition. As a rule, he does not take calls during business hours except in cases of emergency. Calls are returned if time permits during business hours; otherwise, calls are returned after hours.


If you are unable to arrive on time for your scheduled appointment, please call us as soon as possible. We will be happy to reschedule your appointment.


We require 48 hours notice of cancellation.

Missed Appointments

We will not schedule any patient for further treatment if he/she has missed two (2) appointments without 48 hours notice.


If you should need a referral from your primary care physician, please obtain all necessary forms. We are not responsible for obtaining them.

If the purpose of your appointment is to determine whether you are a candidate for an oral airway dilator to treat sleep apnea, please bring the results from your sleep study to your first appointment.

If you have had any diagnostic studies performed, such as an MRI or x-rays, please bring the reports as well as the films.

Please note that Dr. Alpher does not treat patients under the age of 18 without a parent or guardian present.