Lou is actual user of the DROWZLE product and currently being treated for sleep apnea.

What is DROWZLE?

DROWZLE is a mobile software that collects and analyzes symptom data and sleep breathing patterns to accurately screen for sleep apnea risk. DROWZLE helps you and your healthcare provider manage your sleep breathing condition for improved health, alertness and quality of life.

How does DROWZLE help?

  1. Breathing recorder: records sleep breathing sounds and patterns.
  2. Symptom surveys for personal sleep apnea risk profile.
  3. Detailed reports: Each morning you receive results from the prior night's sleep. Share a copy with your doctor or dentist, to determine if further testing is needed. 
  4. Sleep tracking: monitor results over time.

The American Dental Association now recommends patients get screened for sleep apnea during their routine dental visits.

To get started with DROWZLE, click the "Get DROWZLE" button below using your smartphone web browser.