Sleep Better

By the time his patients find Dr. Elliott Alpher, they have seen an average of 14 other specialists. Through his work, Dr. Alpher helps patients and physicians put the pieces of seemingly unrelated symptoms together to reach a diagnosis that improves their patients’ lives and allows them to thrive – no matter their ages or how long they’ve suffered. In children and teens, sleep apnea and snoring can be linked to ADHD, bedwetting, depression and fatigue. In adults, these links include stroke, heart attacks, high blood pressure and heart attacks. “When you are literally gasping for air during sleep, that affects every part of your body.”

About Dr. Alpher

For the past two decades, Dr. Elliott Alpher has worked diligently to generate public awareness of the various aspects of craniofacial pain disorders such as TMD, TMJ and Sleep Disorders. He has lectured throughout the United States, as well as Europe and South America, and has authored, co-authored and published many studies on TMD and sleep disorders.

A dental surgery graduate of Georgetown University Dental School with post graduate work in Oral Pathology and Periodontics at the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research, Dr. Alpher created the oral screening program at the U. S. Department of State and served as a consultant to their medical department. Dr. Alpher is an associate clinical professor of oral surgery at George Washington University Medical Center as well as clinical assistant professor of otolaryngology at Georgetown University Medical Center. He is on staff at the National Rehabilitation Hospital, Prince George’s Medical Center and Providence Hospital. He also holds certification in craniofacial pain and pain management and a mastership from the International College of Craniomandibular Orthopedics. Dr. Alpher is a diplomat of the American Sleep and Breathing Academy as well as Academy of Craniofacial Pain.

He is the founder of The Alpher Center in Washington, D.C. where he helps patients recover from sleep disorders, jaw pain and helps them thrive. Dr. Alpher and his wife, Lee, live in Maryland with their Standard Poodle, Max, who is really in charge.